Communication from NBS(new Bitshares) community to exchange

Communication from NBS(new Bitshares) community to exchange

Dear management team of exchanges:

Recently, the NBS community was announced off the shelf by the “Binance announcement” without receiving any notice and communication from Binance. This sudden change caused NBS investors, including Binance’s own users, to suffer huge losses. We believe that decentralization is the soul of blockchain, and the decentralized world should not be dominated by a centralized approach, and the sudden delisting is not in the interests of all parties including CEX.

The NBS project based on DPOS consensus and implemented with DAO’s organizational management structure. The NBS community is one of the first organizations to practice DAO community autonomy. After the Binance delisting incident, the entire NBS community held a big discussion on community governance and deeply reflected on the past work. We found that in the work of docking various CEXs, there are indeed problems such as inactive participation in CEX activities, lack of communication, and inadequate submission of materials. CEX is still one of the most important forces in the blockchain world. Our NBS community respects the dominant position of each CEX. The whole community hopes to express a positive attitude to the respected major exchanges through this letter, and we will actively participate in the activities of your platform.

Here, the NBS community state as following:

1. Actively participate in various activities organized by the exchange to deepen the cooperation between the two parties;

2. Strictly implement the market value management requirements of the exchange to provide a smoother trading experience;

3. Strengthen the docking and communication work, communicate regularly, and rectify various problems reported by the exchange in the first time;

We hope that your platform can show more care to our NBS community, lead us to participate in various platform activities, and avoid unnecessary losses to platform investors and the community due to problems such as poor communication. We also welcome your valuable comments and suggestions to the NBS community.

We solemnly promise that no matter how many difficulties and setbacks it encounters, the NBS community will never fall! Let us cooperate and win-win, and jointly create a bright future for the blockchain business!

NBS Council

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October 27, 2022

NBS 社区致交易所的一封信

尊敬的各上线 NBS 的交易所:


近期,NBS 社区在没有接到 Binance 任何通知和沟通的情况下,直接被 Binance 公告宣 布下架。这突如其来的变故让 NBS 投资者包括 Binance 自身的用户都蒙受了巨大损失。我们 认为去中心化是区块链的灵魂,去中心化世界不应当用中心化的方式来主导,突然下架这种 做法也不符合包括 CEX 在内的各方利益。

NBS 项目属于 DPOS 机制,NBS 社区是最早一批践行 DAO 社区自治的组织之一。此次 Binance 下架事件发生后,整个 NBS 社区开展了关于社区治理的大讨论,对以往的工作进行 了深入反思。我们发现在对接各 CEX 的工作方面,确实存在参与 CEX 的活动不积极、沟通 交流少、提交材料不够规范等问题。CEX 目前依然是区块链世界的最主要力量之一,我们 NBS 社区尊重各 CEX 的主体地位,整个社区希望通过此信向尊敬的各大交易所表明积极的态 度,今后我们将积极主动的参与到贵平台的建设中去。

在此,NBS 社区声明:

1、 积极参与交易所组织的各项活动,深化双方的合作力度;

2、 严格落实交易所的市值管理要求,提供更加顺畅的交易体验;

3、 强化对接沟通工作,定期沟通,第一时间整改交易所反馈的各类问题;

希望贵平台能够对我们 NBS 社区多加关怀,带领我们参与各项平台活动,避免因为沟 通不畅等问题,给平台投资者和社区带来不必要的损失,也欢迎对 NBS 社区提出宝贵的意 见建议。我们郑重承诺,无论遇到多大的困难和挫折,NBS 社区绝对不会倒下!让我们合作共赢, 共同开创区块链事业的美好明天!

NBS 理事会

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2022 年 10 月 27日